Mais Needles Co.,Ltd is establised in 2003,it is the only specilized enterprise importing Germany production line and technique at home now, the total inverstment is us$8 million. The enterprise owns more than 1000 employees,and products more than 30 series and 300 kinds needles,it is astrength enterprise with the abality of invention and production,and many achieve-ments have been filled the country blank,Mais needles is abridge of China needles to the international market. Now,Mais Needles took it upon themselves to make fields flagship,and fits the markets needs and optimizes grouping continuously, and intensifies the sense of respon of responsibility.Let you own a trustwortypartners partners-"Mais" while appreciating Mais's charismaic quality.

Our company established in 1992 is specilized in producting sewing machine needles for being used in industry and household,and developed three needles prodiction bases of "Da Li","Jin Li"and "Ying Li".After several years of rapid expansion,we have set up a company with Jiang Su Da Li Needles Group in 1998. "DaLi" series needles used in industry and household have been won well-known products in Jiangs Province and the titles of the chinese famous marks.

Today, in the field of the sewing machine, the name of "DaLi" means high quality, high technique and high efficiency, it has the production capacity with more than twenty series and more than two hundreds kinds, and owns about 1,000 employees now. The professional production process ensured the products quality, "DaLi" needles has brought fashion and perfection for the needles trade.
We trust that we will keep ahead in the needles trade and offer best service for the customers.needles¡¢sewing needle¡¢sewing machine needle¡£